Board Game Geek’s Game of the Year! (Part 1)

Hi all, in case you have missed the latest news recently, Board Game Geek has published their list of the top 3 games in each respective category. These winners are decided by its forum and is typically an accurate description of what board gamers like to play each year.

If you have not spoilt yourself and read the list of winners, let us reveal all the winners for you over the next 3 days and what we think about each game. Without further ado, we will kick off with the runner up of the Board Game of the Year: 7 Wonders Duel.

7 Wonders Duel


7 Wonders Duel – Runner UP of Board Game of the Year


  • Winner of 2 Player Game
  • Winner of Card Game
  • Runner Up of Board Game of the Year

7 Wonders Duel takes the beloved formula of 7 Wonders and squeeze it into a 2 player game. What this gives us is a fast paced, strategic and intense card game between 2 players. It is a game of building up your base economy, using these resources to further strengthen your army, discover more science or to simply build more Wonders.

Author’s thoughts: It’s what a 2 player game ought to be, with each move you make affecting the next move that you opponent takes. It’s also a game where there are lots of groaning too, just cause you realized that you had made a horrendous move. There are so many ways to win the game, by discovering more science, by gaining more military, by building more Wonders.

And the best thing is, I play this game with my girlfriend a lot. She is a self-confessed noob when it comes to board games (I hope she doesn’t read this). But the thing is, the more we play, the better she gets. There are so many strategies with this game that I often forget and with me using my “One Best Approach” method, I get whooped by her on a consistent basis these days. And that’s why, we absolutely love this game.


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