All you need to know about Kickstarter Games


Kickstarter Galore

As most of you are aware by now, we are pretty heavily involved in Kickstarter games these days.

Being the official Kickstarter hub for games in Singapore, we both sort out your games (read here to find out more) and bring in exclusive Kickstarter titles into our store.

Do the webstore prices include overseas shipping?

Our webstore prices include all overseas shipping costs involved, plus any tax incurred.

Why are our prices so good?

By shipping in bulk, we have great control over shipping prices.

It helps that we are the official distribution hub of Kickstarter games too.

Kickstarter & Gamefound Upcoming Titles / Restocks

Live Google Sheet here

Fulfillment Timeline

Check the estimated time on when the shipment arrives in Singapore.

For individual backers, once you receive the email from VFI Asia, shipment typically takes about 3-4 weeks to arrive at our store.

Once it arrives, it will take us 1-2 weeks to sort and send the package to your doorstep 🙂