2nd Ashes Tournament x Singapore (Update)

Hi everyone who are fans of Ashes, do note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Ashes tournament scheduled to be held on 2nd Sept, will be postponed to a later date. The news is, Plaid Hat Games had ran out of tournament kits (probably while running tournaments at Gen Con). 

We will post another date again once we get a confirmation from Plaid Hat Games on when the restocks will be. Have fun over the weekend and we hope to see you guys soon!


Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, is gaining traction in Singapore, with more customers enquiring about the game and its expansions every week. Team Board Game is proud to organize the 2nd ever Ashes Tournament in Singapore!

We will be hosting it at our humble warehouse unit (despite what it sounds like, it is a cosy spot). The date would be 2nd Sept, Friday at 7:00pm, so do mark your calendars for that date.

Each entry is $10 and players stand to get to win exclusive prizes (that you cannot buy anywhere else), such as 1 x Ashes Playmat, 1 x  Phoenixborn Rin Northfell alternate art card and 1 x Phoenixborn Brennen Blackcloud alternate art card. All participants will get Lulu Firestone promos, Dimona Odinstar promos, and Mist Spirit alternate art cards.


How to participate:

  1. Simply provide us your name and contact number via our contact us page, www.teamboardgame.com/contact-us/.
  2. Walk into our warehouse and provide us your contact details.
  3. Drop an email directly to admin@teamboardgame.com to register your interest.

Tournament Kit

Full Details of Tournament


1 Sophia Road, #04-14, Peace Centre, S(228149)

Date / Time

2nd Sept 2016 (Fri), 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Participants are expected to report at 6:30pm so we can kick off the tournament 7:00pm sharp.

Entry Fee

$10 per pax

Tournament Format

Non-elimination (Swiss) tournament. 3 rounds in all. Player with most Event Points win (See “Scoring” for more details)

Competition Format

Build Decks

  • Players must construct their own decks and dice pools
  • Players are responsible to provide their own cards, dice and tokens in this format
  • Players may not change their deck or dice pool at any time during the event.
  • No sustituitions of cards or dice are allowed at any point.

Tournament Rules

  • At the beginning of the event, all players are required to present their decks and dice pools to the Organizer to confirm that the rules for deck building have been followed.
  • At the beginning of the match, all players must also present their First Five to the Organizer, who will confirm that their First Five is legal.
  • Players will be matched randomly in the first round. In successive rounds, players will be paired with opponents of the same or similar score.
  • No player should ever play the same opponent multiple times in a single tournament.
  • Players should follow the most current rulebook for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, as made available on the Plaid Hat Games website. For any discrepancy, the Organizer will have the final say.
  • No time delay tactics should be deployed. The organizer has the rights to impose a time restriction if time delay tactics are to be found.
  • Any player who behave unsportsmanlike or found to have cheated will be impose penalties set by the organizer, including issuing of warning, declaring the match a loss for the cheating player, or removing that player from the event without refund.

A match ends when:

  • One player’s Phoenixborn has been destroyed
  • The match time limit has been called. If neither player has won, both players receive a Draw
  • A player voluntarily concedes


  • Matches are 50 minutes in length. Time will begin after the Organizer confirms that all players’ First Five are legal and all play areas are set up.
  • Each player will play 3 matches.
  • Winners receive 3 Event Points for each win, 1 Event Point for each Draw and 0 points for each loss.
  • Players are also awarded Blood Points at the end of each match. Blood Points are used as a second tie breaker when determining the winner of the event. A player earns 1 Blood Point for each wound token on an opponent’s Phoenixborn at the end of the match or Blood Points equal to the Phoenixborn’s life value if it has been destroyed.


  • The Lulu Firestone promos, Dimona Odinstar promos, and Mist Spirit alternate art cards are to be given to each participating player.  Prizes (Player Mat, Rin Northfell alternate art card, and Brennen Blackcloud alternate art card) are to be distributed to the top 3 players. The first player may choose the item he/she wants, then the second and the third gets the remaining item.

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