Ashes: The War Within Tournament (Mercy vs Malice)

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a series of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn tournaments for all Ashes lovers out there, whether seasoned or rookie.

In short, Ashes: The War Within Tournament would be a series of 3 tournaments held between May to June, where participants would choose between Light and Darkness for each event.

Each player would be representing a side, with participants scoring more points for their side with each victory. This is important as the overall results from gameplay around the world would determine the next Phoenixborn that would be introduced.

We know you are excited and this coming Friday, we kick off our 1st event: Mercy vs Malice.


Event Details

  • ENTRY – $7.00
  • Venue – Experience Point (803 King George’s Avenue, #02-190, Singapore 200803). It has a bigger seating capacity and is next to Lavender MRT.
  • Time – 26 May 2017, 730-1030pm
  • The event series will follow the standard structure for Ashes Organized Play (3 rounds format. Win – 3 points, Draw – 1 point, Loss – 0 point)
  • Players will choose between Light and Darkness for each event, and this will determine which Ally they receive and which side is awarded points for that player.
  • Each participant will receive 1 Ally card. Top 2 finishers will receive 1 additional alternate Phoenixborn art card.

To register, simply drop us a text at +65 9856 2565 or email us at before 26th May 2017.