DIY Monday – Marvel Legendary Divider Labels

What a Monday! Our 1st DIY project for our customer turned out to be a great success.

Remember the times where there are some games that we loved so much that we would do anything to level them up and enhance the gaming experience, whether that be coming up with new house rules, replacing cardboard tokens with acrylic tokens or even having custom organizers to sort out the contents.

Well.. We have done so and are loving our new Marvel Legendary Divider Labels. Technically, these dividers don’t belong to us; they belong to a customer but we still love them nonetheless. With that being said, we never realized that there something as simple as creating customized divider labels can be so time consuming.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Google for Legendary: Marvel labels and you will see a few different designs available on Board Game Geek forum. Save these labels and print them out with color on an A4 sized paper.


2. Cut out the labels with the white areas intact. This will make your box look brighter. Weird but true!


3. Paste them over with clear tape (preferably those big clear tapes that are used to seal cardboard boxes) and trim off unwanted parts.


4. Repeat for all other dividers. The core set requires 41 dividers and it takes about 2 hours to complete. Patience is key!


And there you have it! Remember to take a break if you are feeling tired. You wouldn’t want to accidentally cut the labels in half. (We’ve probably destroyed more than a dozen labels during our 1st attempt)┬áStill not sure how to do it or want to save the trouble? Hit us up and we will guide you along or you can have us do it for you.

What other ideas do you have to level up your games? Let us know below and we will feature your idea in our next month’s article. Till next time, happy board gaming!

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