Faster Shipping for all Board Games

As a consumer myself, sometimes I would sit at my office table, tapping my fingers away, thinking when my latest purchase of board games would arrive. If you are like me, this is probably good news for you!

Back-ordered items from us normally takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, due to economical shipping from US. Recently, we signed a shipping deal with a UK distributor, which would see the waiting time significantly cut down to 3 to 5 working days.

Yes, that is right. You are not dreaming. 3 to 5 goddamn working days. However (don’t you just hate this word), the games provided by the UK side are not as updated as the US side.

So while you can expect classic games like Pandemic, Smash Up or even more recent games such as Mysterium and Zombicide Black Plague to arrive within a week on a backorder, latest games like Century: Spice Road or Shahrazad would not be in stock at the UK side and would still take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Hopefully, as time goes on, we will be able to better predict the demand for games and stock them in advance. If you have any tips of how we can improve further, please let us know. We appreciate any feedback given to us.

Till next time we meet, happy board gaming!

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