Games Arriving in December

The festive season is upon us and Christmas is near. Never have we been so excited for a game release since Dead of Winter back in 2014.

Blood Rage might just be the game that keep us occupied with our friends and family this Christmas period. Hotly anticipated, its Kickstarter ended with close to $1 million raised. Other than the end of the world story line, the detailed miniatures are just wonderful to look at and adore.

Before we get our hands on Blood Rage though, our November’s highlight is Champions of Midgard. A similarly Viking-themed game, the strategy involved is deep. Would you like to try your luck to get an extra favor this turn? Would you like to fend off monsters this turn? Would you even win your dice roll this turn?

The first game between our gaming group saw us laughing at each other and the atrocious choices we make. It’s just so good.

Other games released in November:

Upcoming Arrivals in December:


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