GameStart, here we come

Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention is back for its 6th edition on 12 & 13 October 2019!

This year is set to bring back annual favorites as well as new and exciting content for everyone, including game showcases and previews, esports, indie games, retro gaming, cosplay and more!

But all you good people know what the highlight here is, don’t you? Yes. This year, everyone’s favorite board gaming store (a.k.a us), will be heading to GameStart!!!

We will be there to showcase the latest games, the best selling games and Kickstarter games.

Hate your friends? Destroy each other in the Throw Throw Burrito Cage.

Besides that, you can play the latest games at our gaming tables, including games such as Horrified, Terror Below, Wingspan etc..

We know that’s not satisfy to satisfy you, so how about trying Kickstarter games such as Hellboy, Zombicide: Invader, Combo Fighter etc..

If that’s still not enough, tell you what, I will dig out stuff that’s unreleased or readily available in the market yet for you.

So be the first in Singapore to try these games such as TAPESTRY, ARKHAM HORROR: FINAL HOUR, WE’RE DOOMED etc..

We will be selling a limited amount of games at GameStart itself. (Don’t ask me to sell unreleased games. You know I can’t sell them yet 😉 But you can always preorder with us 🙂 )

So, if you want to have a day of board gaming fun, interact with local and overseas designers, get exclusive memorabilia, come join us at GameStart. Tickets are now on sale on their site ( ) and on site.

Catch you then