Get your Board Games before Christmas

As one knows, board games make for wonderful presents during the Christmas Gift Exchange. Have a friend that loves lying? Sheriff of Nottingham, Coup: Rebellion G54 and One Night Revolution might just be for him or her.

Have a friend that loves farming for resources and scavenging the land for more loot? Champions of Midgard, Raiders of the North Sea and Lords of Waterdeep might just do the trick.

How about a friend who enjoys intense and nerve-wrecking game play? You are looking for Pandemic: Legacy, Dead of Winter and Legendary Encounters: An Alien Building Deck Game.

So get your board games early and pamper your friends. All backordered and preordered board games must be purchased by 6th December, for all games to arrive by 23rd December.
Note: Most games will arrive by 23rd December. We would notify you if it takes longer than that. 

Until then, do yourself a favor and catch Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It’s going to be epic!!

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