Hadoken!! (And New Games this week)

Admittedly, I played this game so much that I forgot to provide an update of the new and incoming games last week. Yup, I am talking about Exceed.

As someone who grew up wasting older kids’ tokens in the arcades, I often had to escape as quickly as I could in order not to get beaten up. That’s how great I was at fighting games.

So to have a card game that captures the mechanics and the excitement of an arcade fighting game, I was beyond thrilled.

M.Bison in Action

A good fighting game to me has 3 elements: Characters, mechanics & move sets. Exceed easily ticks all these boxes, with characters that you can root for.

The mechanics in the card game are akin to that of its video counterpart, where players can build up meter to unleash their super-moves or simply to go into EX-mode.

Like being an irritating nuisance who likes to spam fireballs, yeah.. You can pretty much still be a pest in Exceed.

Amazing, isn’t it?

New Games this week

The Undaunted series continues with this two-player deck-building game of tactical combat, pitting the raiders of Britain’s Long Range Desert Group against Italian forces in the North African Theater of World War II.

The North African campaign has begun. Take control of the British Army’s Long Range Desert Group and operate behind enemy lines or command the formidable Italian forces opposing them.

In Undaunted: North Africa, a sequel to Undaunted: Normandy, players once again lead their sides through a varied series of missions. As casualties mount, wounded soldiers leave the players’ decks, forcing them to adapt in the face of changing tactical circumstances.

Use your cards to strengthen your forces, deploy vehicles to advance rapidly across the battlefield, and seize the initiative as you determine the outcome of the North African Theater.

When renowned surgeon Doctor Stephen Strange sought to fix his broken hands through magical means, he found a new calling in life. Utilizing mystic forces beyond our mortal understanding, Doctor Strange now protects our dimension as the Sorcerer Supreme!

Doctor Strange calls upon forces beyond our understanding, represented within the game by a unique Invocation deck. As the defender of our dimension, the Doctor Strange Hero Pack offers a fully pre-built deck using the Protection aspect to ensure your team of heroes can defend against any attack, from this mortal realm or beyond!

Do you have the smarts, guile, and speed to serve all your customers with style?

In Kopi King, create your favourite drinks from Teh Tarik to Milo Dinosaur, with all of the nostalgia and none of the calories.

Fulfil drink orders by snatching ingredient cards in real time, and decide whether you want to complete quick simple drinks or go for the epic beverages.

The player with the fastest hands and the fastest mind will be crowned the Kopi King!

Potato King had been saved from the deadlock of doom and the Potato Pirates crew were on the lookout for a new adventure. At the same time, the spudnet spread throughout the entire Carbobbean Sea, connecting all the ports, making it the preferred mode of delivering goods.

Keen to explore the uncharterd territories of the Carbobbean Seas, the crew grew their shipping network and their fleets, winning the potato folk over with their spudtastic delivery service.

Competition soon went from stiff to ugly when other Potato Pirate fleets started their own spudnet delivery service, forming six fiercely competitive factions.