Happy Chinese New Year! Time for Restocks!

Hi Board Gamers, hope you guys had a great and wonderful Chinese New Year. I know I did. Though my gambling luck has eluded me and I lost quite a bit over the weekend, I felt happy celebrating the festive period with my friends and family. To me, gambling is similar to board games, where it brings people of all ages together, and people laugh (and some tear due to laughing too much). But that’s the whole point: having fun together.

Also, I am grateful for the long break to get some much needed rest but now that CNY weekend is over, it’s time to rock n roll again!

The newest game that we brought in is “Flick Em Up” or affectionately known as “F*** Em Up”. This game is gorgeous. It has a solid wooden casing to contain all the content and even every single wooden component is of the highest quality. Truly an enjoyable flicking game.


Marvel Restocks

The Marvel Universe


Next, our restocks include the entire Marvel Legendary series and other great party games such as

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