Happy Teacher’s Day! Get 10% off Selected Items!

Teachers rejoice, for it is your special day and more importantly, it is a short work week for most of you. That is the more important reason, isn’t it?

On Teacher’s Day, we show our love and appreciation for the mentors who shape our youth. Some of them are detested by us and some are well loved by us, but we know they mean well at the end of the day. So to all students and teachers out there, enjoy 10% off selected items in our Teacher’s Day Sale column.

As what your teacher will say, just abide by these rules:

    1. To enjoy the 10% discount, you need to purchase at least $100 of items in your order.
    2. Free delivery is disabled for this promotion. You may choose to self collect at our warehouse or add $8 for a Ta Q Bin delivery.
    3. Some items will sell out faster than others. If you see “In Stock” on the product page, it means that there are ready stocks. If you see “available on backorder”, it means that there are no ready stocks and it will take 2 weeks for us to bring in stocks from the US side.
    4. Don’t cheat. Our system is not that smart yet, so it cannot really tell if you have added an item from another category. We have the rights to reject the order if needed.
    5. Apply the discount code “teacherday” on the checkout page and you should see the magic happen.
    6. Have fun shopping!


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