Improved Packaging, Lower Shipping Fees

Hi all Good People, hope everyone is doing well during this time.

We will keep this short and sweet (Don’t stare at the screen for too long alright.)

As you all know, the “heightened alert” phase will probably be here to stay for awhile. With more online sales these days, we understand that there is a chance of local couriers mis-handling parcels.

So, we are gonna improve the quality of our packaging. Most of the items will be sent out in solid cardboard boxes, filled with air-bags / foam peanuts, to ensure that your purchase reach your doorstep in the best condition.

Shipping fees will also be lowered to $4 ($3.50 to cover shipping + $0.50 to cover packing materials).

Stay Home! Stay Safe! (Occassionally, come pay us a visit ok already)