KS Sorting Hub: F.A.Q

In April 2019, Team Board Game was appointed to be the fulfillment hub for Kickstarter games in Singapore.

This means that the shipment for Kickstarter games would arrive at our side first before we starburst them throughout Singapore into your hands.

Sounds simple enough? If only it was that easy.

So here’s a rundown of what we do and some F.A.Q

What do we do?

As a sorting hub, we take initiative to contact backers in advance. As a crew of dudes running a board game business for a long time, we know that some backers prefer a certain delivery date and some would need an address change. From here, we do our best to accommodate as much as humanly possible.

Next, once shipment arrives, we inspect all shipping boxes to ensure that the boxes are in good condition. If the boxes fail our inspection, we would open the shipping box and check for damages to the actual game.

Not Everything Comes In Pretty

If there are no actual damages to the game, we “repair” your shipping box by replacing with a new shipping box from our side. This is important as we do engage courier services to help us handle a portion of the deliveries. Without a good shipping box, there’s a higher chance of the games getting damaged.

If there are damages to the game, we will replace with our own sets if we happen to purchase the games too. Yes, we will give you the good boxes first because we know it takes about a month or two to get replacements.

Once all inspection is done, both our crew and our appointed courier service will start handling the delivery portion.

If all goes well, you should receive your games 1 week after shipment arrives at our side 🙂


Can I self collect my Kickstarter game from your store?

Yes, you may. Simply let us know in advance.

Is my Kickstarter game in Singapore already?

Follow our Facebook page here or Instagram here. Photos will be posted once the shipment for Kickstarter games arrive.

Why hasn’t VFI Asia contacted me?

Email provided is invalid or mail has went to spam. Check with us if you believe you are a backer of the game and have paid for shipping in the pledge manager accordingly.

Why is my game not here yet? Why are you guys so “slow”?

Address is invalid / We are “repairing” your shipping box / We are looking to replace your game box. 10% of the entire shipment face this problem.

Also, shipping is pretty unstable in recent times, so expect longer shipping times than usual.

Why are you partnering with VFI Asia?

They are a bunch of cool dudes. Besides, if your parcel doesn’t reach you after a few tries (cause you are overseas, the delivery guys can’t reach you etc..), it gets sent back to the China hub and you would have to pay to get it shipped over again.

By partnering with us, your games stay in a physical shop in Singapore.

Doesn’t the Kickstarter games take up alot of space in your shop?

Yes, it does. That’s why we target to send everything out 1 week after shipment arrives!!

If you have any questions, reach out to us at sales@teamboardgame.com and we will respond promptly.