Mad Max?

If you are a board gamer, you probably know that it is literally Christmas period now. We are in Gen Con season and there’s an insane amount of games being released during this period. A few that I’m particularly interested in trying is Wasteland Express Delivery Service, which reminds me a lot of Mad Max. I mean, just look at the artwork.

Wasteland Express Delivery Service - Artwork


And then there is the Sidereal Confluence: Trading & Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant, probably the longest title for a board game that I have seen so far. It is apparently a resource trading and negotiation game. And of course one of our favorites, the expansion to Captain Sonar, which adds more new ways to play Captain Sonar now.

Also, at Gen Con, we have exciting news of upcoming releases such as Codenames: Duet, Civilization: A New Dawn and Fallout: The Board Game. Boy oh boy, tell me this isn’t Christmas.

New and Restocks 18th Aug 2017