Making Price Comparison Easier for You

How’s everyone this week? We apologize for the late news and updates this week as we were busy fulfilling orders over the week. Sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for making our anniversary celebration a successful one. Hope all of you enjoy the discounts given out 🙂

As we resume normal operations this week, we have updated our display interface, making it easier for customers to compare between our prices and the retail prices here in Singapore. No need to compare prices in future.

Also, we have received numerous feedback that the related products on each individual product page is not showing products that are related at all! (Yup, we noticed that too..) Fortunately, after hounding our website developer for some time, we have finally tweaked the algorithm to make it more relevant, so you should be seeing more related products now.

Our next post will be coverage of the recent Board Game Geek Awards and what we think about the winners, so watch out for that. Until next time, happy board gaming!




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