May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars Day to everyone! Today, we celebrate the 39th Anniversary of Star Wars, one of the most epic story-telling cinematic series. Today is the day to take out your figurines, your miniatures, your card games and your cosplay costumes and do your best impression of Princess Leia or Kylo Ren.

What’s there not to love about the series? From the epic X-Wing fights to key characters squaring off, everyone has their own favourite Star Wars moment. Today, we look at some Star Wars board games that we and the Star Wars community love.


Star Wars Armada


Armada Sets


Star Wars Armada is a game that we definitely remember fondly, for 2 reasons.

Reason number 1, before this game, both me and my girlfriend had not played a game that is that big and epic. I kid you not and Armada players can vouch for me, the table size required for this game is huge.

Reason number 2, the miniatures are so intricate and they are painted so nicely. How can we not love them? Game play wise, Star Wars: Armada is probably the best space battle game we have ever played – and not just because it’s Star Wars.

This game is just brilliantly designed with custom engineered pieces and sophisticated systems that put you at the helm of some truly awesome ships.


Star Wars: Imperial Assault

1st impression of Star Wars: Imperial Assault reminds me a lot of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, another awesome FFG title.

In Imperial Assault, up to four players will be Rebel operatives who will run and gun their way through a series of missions against another player who controls the Imperial forces.

The campaign features a ton of content, and is structured in a brilliant branching format that lets players choose some missions while forcing them to do others from time to time.

Add the expansions with more characters and campaign expansions, we have a hell of a game in Imperial Assault.


Star Wars: Rebellion

Do I even need to hype this game? Honestly, I have ran out of superlatives to describe the galactic experience that you will have in Star Wars: Rebellion. Just look at the ships, characters, tokens and size of this board that is in this game!

In short, Rebellion is a two player (or teams) design that naturally pits the Empire against the Rebellion, and it takes its narrative cues directly from the original trilogy.

The Empire is looking for the hidden Rebel base, and that is the jump-off point for your DIY version of the story played out across a double-board map of the Star Wars galaxy.

The Rebels are fewer in number and must rely on subterfuge, misdirection and careful use of their leadership and heroes to stay one step ahead of the Empire while earning hearts and minds with their actions to turn the political tide.


There you go, our take on some of the Star Wars games out there.

And we heard you, we know that there are Star Wars: X-Wings lovers our there. Currently, we are still working out a deal with our distributor to bring them in at fantastic prices for you guys, so do watch out for that.

Until next time Sith Lords and Rebels, May the Fourth be with you!

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