Pre-Order Price Guarantee

What is Pre-Order Price Guarantee?

Pre-Order Price Guarantee is a program to protect our customers from price drop and price hike.

After a customer places a pre-order for a game, should the prices drop from the date that he/she places an order to 1 month after the game is released at our store, we will refund the difference in price as Team Points to the customer’s account.

In the rare case where prices actually rise after the customer places an order, there will be no extra charges for the customers.

Why would prices drop and rise?

Shipping weight. It is the 1 factor that we constantly have no control of. Pre-order prices are set according to our best estimate of what we think the shipping weight would be.

Do prices drop and rise often?

Fortunately not. We have been in the board game industry for quite some time and we do have a pretty good idea of the shipping weight from each publisher 🙂



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