Rich Sommer Exclusive Promo!

Greetings to Team Board Gamers. The big news this week is obviously the release of the much anticipated stand-alone expansion, Dead of Winter: The Long Night. With this, there are some important updates for all of you.

Let’s start with the big news, shall we? First, off, we have managed to purchase a number of Rich Sommer Exclusive Promo cards from Plaid Hat Games. They are currently being shipped to Singapore and will arrive about 3rd /4th week of Sept.




These exclusive promo cards would be given to all who have pre-ordered from us for free.

Next, we have more or less fulfilled the first batch of pre-orders, which means we are down to 0 sets again. The next batch of Dead of Winter: The Long Night will arrive some time in the middle of next week. New stocks have arrived on 10th Sept.

Since we also understand that there are others who have not purchased the set but might want to get their hands on the promo cards too, we will also give customers the Rich Sommer Exclusive, as long as they purchase a set of Dead of Winter: The Long Night before 12th Sept. 

After of which, it would be placed on our site for sale, with a retail price of $12.90. So grab your copy first and may you survive the zombie onslaught!


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