Slowly Expanding

If you have not known by now, we have been slowly moving all our games from our previous warehouse to our current place in Peace Centre @ 1 Sophia Road. Slowly but surely, our display racks are starting to move in. Tables for customers to play games are rolling in too. And our cushions and sofas will make you feel at home.

As more games pop up in our warehouse too, we will lag behind in our admin work at times, hence the delay in updating of websites at times. However, we are still able to customize orders and bring in almost every game that is in the market these days.


A customized order

A customized order for a customer


Last piece of good news is that we will be adding at least 2 new games into our already wonderful library of board games on hand. So get your friends down with our “Book a Table” feature and play the latest and most popular games today!



Come play the best board games today!

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