Star Wars Mayhem Part 1!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend. I know I had a ridiculous weekend as my friends pulled me out of my cove to join them in the $50,000 Mouse Hunt organized by OCBC (Read More). Sweating all over, looking under benches while trying to make it look like you are not looking at some upskirt and eating way too much on $1.20 ice cream from the Motorbike Ice Cream Seller, it’s really a HELL of a weekend. 

Now on to some proper board game stuff. If you have been walking town recently, you would have noticed that Star Wars is being promoted heavily (Read More). And it’s no surprise that Fantasy Flight Games has launched their next Star Wars: Destiny title, Empire at War. Also during the next month or so, they would be releasing new titles for both the Imperial Assualt line and the X-Wing line.

Next, we have new stocks of our current flavor of the month, Secrets, where players have to successfully deduce who is on their team. Restocks of Captain Sonar, Captain Sonar: Upgrade One and Citadels are in too. We got you pretty well covered, haven’t we 🙂

New and Restocks 5 September 2017