Team Board Game Rewards System

At Team Board Game, we understand that it’s our customers that made us who we are today. As an accessible and customer-oriented board game provider, we are proceeding to even further improve ourselves with the introduction of our customer rewards system, a.k.a Team Points.

Our Team Points system is meant to reward our customers for sticking with us and making us their preferred board game provider. Happy shopping!


How do I earn points? 

New User Signup – 100 Team Points
Simply sign up at our website and get 100 Team Points that can be used for your first purchase.

Every Dollar Spent – 1 Team Point
Spend and earn at the same time. With each dollar spent, you get 1 Team Point.

Contests – Lots of Team Points
From time to time, we will hold contests and lucky draws on our social media sites and winners will walk away with lots of Team Points, so watch out for this. Hint: Follow our Facebook Page closely.

Refer a Friend – 100 Team Points 
At the Checkout page, get your friend to enter your username or email into the “Order Notes” and both of you get 100 Team Points each. 

Friend Referral

Get your friend to refer you by entering your username or email


How do I use Team Points?

Discounts – $1 off for every 100 Team Points
Get discounts for your board game, capped to 10% of the price for the board game.


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