What a Blast!

There we go! That’s a wrap. We had a blast over the weekend at GameStart. We saw many new games, made many new friends and I saw my idol!

The biggest takeaway that I had though was how the gaming industry in Singapore was shaping up. Well, in case you are wondering, you need not worry. The gaming scene here is thriving! The number of snaky queues to try new games was astounding and even the tabletop demo area is constantly full of excited players wanting to get their hands dirty. That’s a good sign.

For those who caught me at GameStart, you were probably lucky. I was more like a phantom roaming over the place, or a kid looking for his mom. You see, my role isn’t exactly just to sell games there. I had a secret role.

If you had saw me, you would have noticed me roaming the halls with different groups at different times through the day. Yes, I was an escort.. Sort of.

I was actually with both local and overseas suppliers and distributors through the weekend. My role was to show them the board gaming scene in Singapore, so hopefully, we have more of their support in the long run. And I’m pleased to say that they saw potential in our market. So who knows, maybe we will get more goodies here in Singapore in 2020 🙂

Oh ya, have I mentioned that cosplayers enter for free? There were some superb cosplayers and some that I just didn’t get it.

And then there was this cosplayer that I couldn’t get out of my head. She was tall and had a hell of a figure. If you saw her on the streets, you would probably ask for her number too. I was like, “what a pretty lady.”

Then she turned around. Our eyes met. I was like, “what a pretty guy.”

The main highlights of the show are definitely the number of games on display, both latest and upcoming. For video games, there were a couple of titles that were not out yet. Every time I took out my phone, there will be someone going “Sir, this is a no photo / video zone.” Yes, they did their jobs well.

When it comes to board gaming, there wasn’t that much hostility. In fact, everyone is inviting you to try their games, take as many photos / videos as you want and just have a good time. (I need to start sorting out the name cards soon…)

The tabletop demo area was constantly packed too. It’s heartwarming to see people of different age, races coming together to try something new. In fact, many of them just played together even though they are meeting for the first time, especially Throw Throw Burrito. That cage was indeed impressive.

I lost my voice. It was not from talking to customers or clients, but rather from myself fan-girling over my idol, Daigo Umehara. I didn’t know he would be here in the SF pro cup. Upon seeing him, I screamed. (He’s the inspiration behind High-Score Girl, which is one of my favorite anime this year)

Speaking of anime, one of the hottest anime in recent times is Demon Slayer. To hear that being performed live on stage and everyone marking out, it sends all kinds of shivers down my spine.

As I walked out with the masses during closing hours, I heard people discussing and mentioning that this year’s GameStart was bigger and better than previous years.

I haven’t exactly attended previous GameStarts but you can feel that there is really both effort and thought put into making this event feel grand yet organized.

Was shagged to max. Was hoarse like a thirsty horse. Would I attend and have a blast again? Hell yeah!