Game News: Blood Rage, Cosmic Encounter, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong restocks

Probably the news that most of you guys are waiting for! We have restocks for Blood Rage, Cosmic Encounter and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. In case you guys are not aware, 1 is our favorite “Die with Honor” all-out battle game, 1 is a our favorite back-stabbing Alien game and the last is our favorite murder mystery game. Go figure.

We will be opening the pre-order for these games soon. Do note that we only have 12 of each stock, so 1st come 1st serve. Once this batch is out, the next batch will only arrive in another month’s time.


Deception Murder

Deception Promo Card


Besides this, we have great news for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. We have established a working relationship with Grey Fox Games and they have kindly provided us with the promo cards for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. These promo cards include 1 new role: Consulting Detective (Yes, it looks suspiciously like Sherlock Holmes), 2 new clue cards and 10 new means cards.

As a Team Board Game exclusive, these promo cards will be bundled with the game and given to the customer 🙂 So grab your copy fast! Till then, have a great board gaming time.

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