Game News: New Games and Exclusive promo cards

Another busy week and another batch of goodies coming into our warehouse. In case you missed out last week, we have Blood Rage freshly printed and ready to be served onto your tabletop for a session of Ragnorak. Also new in stock, we have The Grizzled, whose artist was unfortunately killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, hence the powerful tagline only seems fitting: “Can friendship be stronger than war”?

Other games include the much appreciated Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. To round things off, we have a Fantasy Flight classic, Elder Sign, new in stock too. Fans of Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror would definitely find this title a great addition to their board game collection!


Promo Cards for Deception

Promo Cards for Deception


Also, we have great news for all fans of Grey Fox Games! As an exclusive partner, they have kindly provided us with special promo cards for their games. In this case, we have promo cards to give away for the game, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. How do you get it? Simple. Just purchase any set of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong and get a set of exclusive promo cards from us:) It is a “while stocks last” item, so grab your copy fast.

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