Game News: Star Wars Rebellion, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Many More…

Good Monday to all of you! If you have been following us on social media, you would have seen the arrival of one of the most anticipated games in 2016, Star Wars: Rebellion. If you haven’t, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get first hand news on new game and restock arrivals.

So how good is Star Wars: Rebellion? Let me sum it up in 1 line: “The Hype is Real”. The game feels balanced, the dark side can easily win as the rebel side, the game play is immersive and does remind me of a few key scenes in Star Wars folklore.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, whether it be the movie or previous board games such as Armada, Imperial Assault or X-Wing, I can almost guarantee that you will love this game as well. In fact, it is so good that I would say, if you are only limited to buy 10 board games in a year by your girl or boyfriend (I have this restriction), don’t hesitate and just get this game. You will thank me later.

“The Hype is Real” – Star Wars Rebellion

DMTNT Banner

Do you have what it takes to loot the treasure? Or will you go down with the ship?


Our next big arrival is Dead Men Tell No Tales. In this classic pirate adventure, you and your friends must battle the crew, the inferno and your own fatigue, in order to get a glimpse of the treasure. Will you be able to make it off with the loot?

Dead Men Tell No Tales is a co-operative game at its core, so if you like games such as Pandemic, Flash Point, Dead Men Tell No Tales is for you.

In Other News

  • Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue) was restocked last week. Unfortunately, it was sold out within a day, hence we are unable to fulfill multiple orders. Good news though, both Red and Blue versions of Pandemic Legacy Season 1 will be restocked by the end of this week.
  • Above and Below, the┬ástory-telling game about finding adventures and building at least a reasonable village, is back in stock. Also best known for its pleasant artwork, Above and Below will give you and your friends lots of fun (We are not kidding about this, 1 full game takes about 2 hours).

  • Lastly, everyone’s favorite social deduction party game, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is back in stock. Someone has been murdered and all of your friends are investigators, trying to find out who done it. But lo and behold, one of you is the murderer. Will you find the murderer in time? Or will the murderer escape?



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