Game News: The Shadow War Begins

The expansions for one of the best miniatures game from Fantasy Flight is finally here. Yes, that’s right. The Bespin Gambit expansion has just been released for Star Wars: Imperial Assault, along with 4 new character expansions from the Star Wars folklore.

In this new campaign, a spy has infiltrated the Imperial Security Bureau headquarters on Cloud City—but now, that daring spy has vanished, along with his crucial data. Rebel operatives and ISB agents alike are racing to find the spy, and a shadow war is about to break out on Bespin. Enter a world of espionage and sabotage with The Bespin Gambit and four figure packs, all now available for Imperial Assault at your local United States retailer!

The Bespin Gambit invites you to travel into one of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars saga: Cloud City. Here, you’ll walk the gleaming hallways and dive into the grimy undercity as you search for a missing spy in possession of vital information. This expansion includes an entirely new mini-campaign for Imperial Assault, new skirmish missions that invite two players to go head-to-head in a battle for Bespin, and eleven sculpted plastic figures. 

4 New Expansions

Alongside The Bespin Gambit, you can add new layers to your campaigns and skirmishes with four new figure packs: the Lando Calrissian Ally Pack, the Agent Blaise Villain Pack, the ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack, and the Bossk Villain Pack. Each of these expansions offers beautifully sculpted plastic figures, new campaign and skirmish missions, and a host of new cards that invite you to customize every game of Imperial Assault.

New Imperial Assault Expansions

Beside these expansions, we are currently opening up all pre-orders for previous expansions too. So if you miss out on any of the previous expansions, move fast and be one of the first in Singapore to complete your collection.

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