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7 Wonders Duel: Agora Expansion (Preorder)

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Estimated Release Date: Feb 2021

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7 Wonders Duel: Agora features a new board called the Senate, comprising six separate chambers that provide players with benefits once they take possession of the area. Players can obtain a Senate chamber by taking senator cards. Should any player successfully take control of the majority of Senate chambers then they automatically win the game.

Board Game Geek Rating: 8.2/10


Out of stock

Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 1 Senate Board
  • 24 Influence Cubes
  • 13 Senator Cards
  • 2 Wonders Cards
  • 16 Conspiracy Cards
  • 16 Decree Tokens
  • 2 Progress Tokens
  • 4 Military Tokens
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 1 Player Aid Card
  • 1 Rulebook

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