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Aeon’s End: The New Age Deluxe (Kickstarter)


Link to Kickstarter:

Note 1: Save around $30 when you purchase with us. Shipping a pledge alone costs around 150SGD.

Note 2: This pledge adds on Into the Wild add on and a 12 Card Promo Pack.

Aeon’s End (2nd Ed): Buried Secrets Expansion introduces an infinitely replayable Expedition Mode which builds on the existing Aeon’s End lore.

It also includes all new mages, nemeses, as well as gems, relics, and spells that are compatible with all existing content.

Aeon’s End: The New Age is a standalone expansion that can be mixed and matched with the other standalone games.

Board Game Geek Rating: 8.4/10


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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • Aeon’s End: The New Age
  • Aeon’s End: Shattered Dreams
  • Aeon’s End: The Ancients and all the stretch goals unlocked during this campaign
  • *Aeon’s End: Into the Wild (A new story for the Aeon’s End New Age Expedition System)
  • *12 Card Promo Pack (Part of the Aeon’s End: War Eternal Kickstarter project that includes 9 nemesis cards and 3 market setup cards)

*These items are only included in the Deluxe pledge.