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Alien Puppies – Cyberpunk Deck (Kickstarter)


Note: This is the “CYBERPUNK DECK” pledge. More information can be found here:

Alien Puppies is a Strategic Sci-Fi Card Game Adventure with Fabulous Cyberpunk Puppies.

Players take turns drawing from the shuffled deck and collect Alien Puppies & other cards. Each turn, you can choose to put 1 Alien Puppy to your backyard (the space in front of you). The first person to put 3 Alien Puppies in the Backyard wins!

But! You will have to be careful as there’s a dangerous Barkmageddon card looming in the draw pile. If you draw it, you lose unless you can protect yourself with unique combos.

Alien Puppies adventure features unique set of characters and mind-bending powers that will be have to be activated by players to become the ultimate champions of the puppy universe.

Game Genre: Party

Players: 2-5
Age: 14+
Game Length: 20+


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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • 77 cards, instructions, lots of puppies! 🐶😍 (7+)
  • Cyberpunk Expansion (14+)
    • 40 Cyberpunk expansion cards (15 Unique Puppies) with grown-up puppies & darker cyberpunk themes 
    • Bigger 2-compartment Box to fit the expansion