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Ascension Tactics: The Deckbuilding Miniatures Game (Kickstarter)


Note: This is the “Core Game” pledge with all stretch goals. Campaign Link:

Ascension Tactics is a revolutionary new game, pioneering a brand-new genre by combining the best of tactical miniatures games with the fast-paced strategy of deck-building games.

Ascension Tactics brings the most iconic characters from the award-winning deck-building game to life as highly-detailed paintable 3D miniatures.

  • Many ways to play! Battle through the campaign mode or try the various PvP, Cooperative, and Solo Scenarios.
  • PvP drafting mode allows players to build their armies before a battle.
  • Players acquire cards from the ever-changing center row to power up their forces.
  • Even the smallest miniature can take down mighty beasts by gaining command points and equipping magical constructs.
  • No dice rolling required!


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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • Ascension Tactics Core Game
  • All unlocked Stretch Goals

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