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Bamboo Bash


In Bamboo Bash, take turns hitting the Bamboo Shoot with the Panda Paw, trying to cause only Bark to fall off. When the Bamboo Shoot has just a few pieces left, the game ends and you score points for Bark, lose points points for Centers, and maybe get some bonus points for Bark with leaves – as long as you didn’t disturb the Cub!

The player with the Panda Paw takes the first turn, then play proceeds clockwise around the table. On your turn, you must hit the Bamboo Shoot in the center of the table with the Panda Paw.

• You may hit it with any part of the Panda Paw or its handle.
• You may hit any part of the Bamboo Shoot – the base, Bark, or Center.
• You might swing the Paw to strike the side of the Shoot firmly, or tap it gently.
• You can not touch any part of the Shoot with anything other than the Panda Paw at
any point during the game.

If a Bamboo Bark, Stem Center, or the Panda Cub fall off the Shoot onto the table, you claim those pieces by putting them in front of yourself. Then your turn ends immediately and you must pass the Panda Paw to the player on your left, who will take the next turn.
If nothing fell off the Bamboo Shoot, you may hit it a second time. As before, if anything falls off, you claim it and your turn ends. If nothing falls off, you may hit it a third and final time, claiming anything that falls off. After striking it 3 times, your turn ends whether or not you claimed anything – pass the Panda Paw to the player on your left.

If at any point there are 2 or fewer Stem Center discs left on the Stem base, OR there
are no more Bamboo Bark chunks remaining that can be claimed, the game ends and you proceed immediately to Final Scoring.

Game Genre: Dexterity / Party Game

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-180 minutes


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Out of stock

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Inside the Box:

  • 1 Stem Base
  • 1 Panda Cub Minature
  • 1 Panda Claw
  • 7 Stem Centers
  • 28 Bamboo Outer Pieces

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