Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

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Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a competitive tile-drafting game in which each tile is a room in a castle.

You work together with the player on your left to design one castle, and with the player on your right on another castle.

On each turn you select two tiles from your hand, reveal them, then work with your partners to place them. To win, you have to share your attention and your devotion between two castles.

Board Game Geek Rating: 8.1/10


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Inside the Box:

  • 147 regular room tiles with unique art
  • 83 other tiles
  • 20 bonus cards
  • 7 custom wooden castle tokens
  • 1 full-color, double-sided scorepad
  • 1 4-piece Game Trayz custom insert that reduces setup time to less than 60 seconds.

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