Players of Calimala are cloth merchants in medieval Florence, with a number of trusted employees that they assign to various streets within the city to carry out actions. (Each street connects two places where particular actions can be taken.)

While taking these actions, players produce and deliver cloth and contribute to the construction and decoration of various buildings across the city. Employees stay on their assigned places for a while, carrying out their actions whenever the street is activated, and eventually are promoted into the city council, triggering a scoring phase.

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.2/10


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Inside the Box:

  • 1 Board Game
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 8 Action Tiles
  • 15 Scoring Tiles
  • 45 Action Cards
  • 10 Final Scoring Cards
  • 75 Wooden Discs
  • 200 Wooden Cubes
  • 15 Wooden Boats
  • 15 Wooden Trade Houses
  • 10 Workshop Tiles
  • 1 Active Player Tokens
  • 5 “50” Victory Points Tiles
  • 1 Game Rule Booklet

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