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Cellulose – Collector’s Edition is the Collector’s Edition of Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game, including the Collector’s Edition component upgrades and all Collector’s Edition stretch goals unlocked.

Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game is a worker placement game that puts 1-5 players inside a plant cell, where they will compete over limited resources in order to undergo photosynthesis, produce carbohydrates, and build the cell wall.

With everyone vying for the same actions, players must time their use of proteins, hormones, and cell component cards in order to diversify their strategies and outplay the competition.

Cellulose is the standalone sequel to Cytosis (2017). It has some of the same DNA, but Cellulose expands familiar game systems, allowing players greater control over available resources, strategic paths, and even game length.


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Inside the Box:

  • Cellulose Collector’s Edition with Upgraded Components
  • Collector’s Edition stretch goals