Cloudspire: The Uprising Faction Expansion


Make yours mercenary with The Uprising! This new Cloudspire faction is a collection of rogues, bounty hunters and thieves hired from the Market, making its strategies as deadly as they are chaotic. Plus, The Uprising faction doubles as a market expansion, as it’s chock full of merc chips that can be used in any Cloudspire game!

Game Genre: Strategy

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90-180 minutes


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Inside the Box:

  • Neoprene Fortress
  • 3 Faction Dice
  • 3 Faction Unit Chips
  • 6 Faction Spire/Waygate Chips
  • 11 Market Unit Chips
  • 6 Equipment Chips
  • 6 Market Spire Chips
  • 1 Mark Chip
  • 2 Master Talent Reference Sheets
  • Scenario Booklet
  • Reference Card
  • Chip Storage Tray