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In Connecting Flights, players take a role of airline managers who compete for passengers and resources required to fly them to their desired destinations. Players make money for each transported passenger, with the player making the most money in the last round being the winner.

How to play – making flights

Whether you want to play the cooperative or competitive version of the game, you’ll need to know how to make flights. Each flight consists of 4 cards: an origin airport, a plane, a passenger and a destination airport, as shown below.

A single flight between Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles

Each flight you make has to be valid – that means the passenger must be flying on a plane with a star rating equal to or greater than the passenger. The passenger must also land on an airport that has the same or greater star rating. You must also have a fuel truck of sufficient capacity placed on the player card. The graphic design makes it easy to check if a flight is valid:

How to play – competitive mode (2-5 players)

Have you got what it takes to build the most successful airline? In the competitive mode, you’ll need to look out for thematic events (some positive, some negative), sabotages (optional) and get ready to compete for resources in auctions. Over the course of the game, you’ll build up your airline from a single flight to a world-wide network of connections. Each passenger you transport generates an income each round, depending on the passenger’s star rating. To win, you’ll need to have the most profitable airline at the end of the game (in Round 10).

Competitive mode scoring – 2 flight example

Throughout the game, you will face aviation related events and sabotages, make sure you are prepared!

Events and sabotages

In each of the 10 game rounds you will:

  • Face an event (which affects everyone)
  • Have the opportunity to buy/trade cards and fuel truck tokens (in Auction and Marketplace phases)
  • Create flights and generate income
  • Sabotage another player, or get sabotaged! (optional)

How to play – solo/cooperative mode (1-3 players)

When playing solo/cooperatively, your task is to cope with passenger demand and take all passengers to their desired destinations before the game ends. New passenger meeples appear on the board in each of the 10 game rounds. Moving them around is done by constructing flights using the cards you have purchased.

Over the course of the game, you will accumulate airport, plane and passenger cards, allowing you to transport more passengers each round. Figuring out the optimal flights to fly as many passengers home as possible becomes more challenging as your airline grows.

Three flight example: cooperative mode

In each of the 10 game rounds, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to buy new cards and fuel truck tokens from the market
  • Create flights to move passengers around on the board (hopefully take them where they want to go)
  • Add new passengers onto the board
  • Gain income and pay penalties for overcrowded airports

Game Genre: Economic, Transportation

Players: 1-5
Age: 12+
Game Length: 60-150 minutes


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  • One copy of the Deluxe edition of Connecting Flights board game, with all stretch goals included.

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