Curious Cargo + Promos (Player Board+Punch Board+Card)


Note: Get the promos of 4 x Double Sided Player Boards, 1 Bus Card and 1 Bus Punchboard with every purchase.

Curious Cargo is a two-player game in which you go head-to-head against your opponent by building up the infrastructure of your facility, calling in trucks at the right moment, all while perfectly timing the shipping and receiving of cargo to score the most points.

Connect an interweaving web of lines to your shipping and receiving spaces. Play with two-color conveyor tiles, or step it up for an advanced experience and play with all three colors. Ship your custom-shaped cargo tokens to your opponent to interfere with their logistics plans!

The puzzling nature of Ryan Courtney’s Pipeline comes alive in Curious Cargo! With six unique player boards for each player and two game modes, a skillful challenge awaits even the sharpest competitor.

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.6/10

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Inside the Box:

  • 6 Double-sided Player Boards
  • 2 Double-sided Shipping Boards
  • 75 Double-sided Conveyor Tiles
  • 1 Turn Order Board
  • 25 Truck Cards
  • 18 Bonus Tokens
  • 6 Four-way Splitter Tokens
  • 25 Truck Tokens
  • 10 Scaffolding Tokens
  • 36 Wooden Cargo Tokens
  • 2 Forklift Player Tokens
  • 1 Linen Bag
  • 1 Rulebook

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