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Dark Vengeance (English)

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Dark Vengeance is a boxed game that contains everything you need to start playing games of Warhammer 40,000.

It contains 49 snap-fit plastic miniatures that make two unique forces: Dark Angels and their hated foes the Chaos Space Marines of the Crimson Slaughter.

It also contains a small-format paperback edition of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, along with a complete assembly guide, a quick-play reference guide, a datasheet for the Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion and an army roster sheet. There are also dice, templates, and a how-to-play booklet that includes six scenarios to enact on the tabletop.

The Dark Angel force boasts a Company Master armed with bolt pistol, power sword and combi-weapon, a Librarian who carries a bolt pistol and force sword, a ten-man Tactical Squad, a five-man Deathwing Terminator Squad and a three-man Ravenwing Bike Squadron.

Opposing the Dark Angels is the Crimson Slaughter. The Chaos Space Marine force includes a Chaos Lord – armed with power sword and plasma pistol; a Helbrute, armed with multi-melta and power fist, an Aspiring Champion and six Chosen. They stand alongside twenty Chaos Cultists who carry a combination of ranged weapons such as autoguns and close-combat weapons.


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Inside the Box:

  • 49 Snap-fit Citadel plastic miniatures:
    • 1 Chaos Lord
    • 1 Aspiring Champion
    • 6 Chosen
    • 1 Helbrute
    • 20 Chaos Cultists
    • 1 Dark Angels Company Master
    • 1 Dark Angels Librarian
    • 5 Deathwing Terminators
    • 10 Dark Angels Tactical Marines
    • 3 Ravenwing Bikes
  • 48 Page full color ‘How to Play’ booklet
  • 1 Reference sheet
  • 208 Page full color rulebook
  • 1 Template
  • 1 Small blast marker
  • 1 Large blast marker
  • 1 Dice pack
  • 2 Range rulers

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