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Dominion: Intrigue

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“Something’s afoot. The steward smiles at you like he has a secret, or like he thinks you have a secret. There are secret plots brewing, you’re sure of it. At the very least, there are yours. A passing servant murmurs ‘The eggs are on the plate.’ You frantically search your codebook for the translation before realizing he means that breakfast is ready. Excellent.

Everything is going according to plan.”

Dominion: Intrigue adds rules for playing with up to 8 players at two tables or for playing a single game with up to 6 players when combined with Dominion. This game adds 25 new Kingdom cards and a complete set of Treasure and Victory cards. The game can be played alone by players experienced in Dominion or with the basic game of Dominion.


2009 Fairplay À la carte Winner
2009 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Nominee
2009 Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee

Board Game Geek Rating: 7.86/10


Out of stock

Out of stock



Inside the Box: 

  • 500 Cards:
    • 130 Basic Treasure cards
      • 60 “Copper” cards
      • 40 “Silver” cards
      • 30 “Gold” cards
    • 48 Basic Victory cards
      • 24 Estate cards
      • 12 Duchy cards
      • 12 Province cards
    • 258 Kingdom cards
      • 10 each of Baron, Bridge, Conspirator, Coppersmith, Courtyard, Ironworks, Masquerade, Mining Village, Minion, Pawn, Saboteur, Scout, Secret Chamber, Shanty Town, Steward, Swindler, Torturer, Trading Post, Tribute, Upgrade and Wishing Well
      • 12 each of Duke, Great Hall, Harem, Nobles
    • 30 Curse cards
    • 25 Place holder cards
    • 8 Blank cards (7 action, 1 place holder)
  • 1 Trash pile card (used to mark the Trash pile)

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