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Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost – Gameplay All-In (Kickstarter Preorder)


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Note: Campaign Link:

Note 2: Our bundle includes “The Stonebound Saga Hero Pack” add-on, which contains 2 new Heroes, Brahms and Elle from The Stonebound Saga.

Dungeons of Infinity is a 1 to 5 player dungeon crawler that can be played solo, co-op or competitively. You can play through 30+ challenging dungeons in the campaign mode, or one of the 12 one-off scenarios! You can even create mini-campaigns by combining 3 scenarios for a more in-depth experience.

The Kingdom of Armiger – a land plagued with dark dungeons and even darker secrets. You are a hunter, tasked by King Armiger to plunge into the Mist and rid the land of evil. In your journey you will slay monstrous beasts, discover ancient treasure, and tread over the bones of the less fortunate. But beware of what hides in the Mist, lest the hunter becomes the hunted.

Game Genre: Adventure

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60-180 minutes

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Inside the “GAMEPLAY ALL-IN BUNDLE” bundle:

  • Dungeons of Infinity Deluxe Edition (Miniatures)
  • Kingdom Cost Expansion
  • The Stonebound Saga Hero Pack (Exclusive)

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Dungeons of Infinity Deluxe Edition, GAMEPLAY ALL-IN BUNDLE