Excavation Earth – Collector’s Edition (Kickstarter Preorder)


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A century from now all that remains of Earth is the detritus that humanity left behind. The races of a neighboring solar system have a penchant for artifacts left behind by extinct races. In Excavation Earth, you lead one of these races of alien explorers on their quest to excavate rare human artifacts and curate the ultimate art collection to sell off.

Game Genre: Economic

Players: 1-4
Age: 14+
Game Length: 30-120 minutes

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Inside the Bundle:

  • Excavation Earth (Base Game)
  • Second Wave (Expansion)
  • It Belongs in a Museum! (Expansion)
  • Bag of 52 Deluxe Alien Metal Coins
  • Junk Tiles Promo Pack (KS Exclusive)
  • Pretty Boxes & Alternate Artefacts Promo Pack (KS Exclusive)
  • Exclusive 100 Coin (KS Exclusive)

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