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Gamegenic – Inner Sleeves (Clear)


*Inner Sleeves fits cards snugly and are mainly used to fit into standard sleeves. Think of it as adding a 2nd layer of protection to your cards. 

**Yes, these sleeves fit your standard board game cards well, like Pandemic, Arkham Horror etc..

Playing and Collectible Cards are very valuable and deserve an extra layer of protection.

Gamegenic – Inner Sleeves add this kind of additional protection. These are used inside standard sleeves (sleeve-within-sleeve) to protect cards from dust, dirt or other damages (e.g. frequent shuffling).

Inner sleeves come in an exact size to fit perfectly around standard-sized gaming cards. One pack contains 100 inner sleeves to be suitable also for larger deck formats.


– 100 Sleeves per pack
– Precise fit for standard-sized gaming cards
– For additional sleeve-within-sleeve protection
– Extra high clearness, ensuring a genuine visual quality with unaltered contrast and colors
– Consistent sizing
– Acid-free, no PVC


Out of stock

Out of stock

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  • Sleeve size: 64 x 89 mm
  • Card size: up to 63 x 88 mm
  • QTY per pack: 100 sleeves per pack

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