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Honey Buzz Deluxe Edition (Free Honey Pot Mini-Expansion) (Preorder)


Estimated Release Date: Nov 2022

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Note 1: The Honey Buzz: Honey Pot Mini-Expansion (worth $22.50) is free with every Deluxe Edition of Honey Buzz.

Honey Buzz is a worker bee placement game where players expand a personal beehive by drafting various honeycomb tiles that grant actions that are triggered throughout the game. Each tile represents a different action.

Whenever a tile is laid so that it completes a certain pattern, a ring of actions is triggered in whatever order the player chooses. A tile drafted on turn one could be triggered up to three times at any point during the game. It all depends on how the player places their beeples (bee+meeple) and builds their hive. After all, in the honey business, efficiency is queen.

As you continually expand your hive, you’ll forage for nectar and pollen, make honey, sell different varieties at the bear market, host honey tastings, and attend to the queen and her court.

There’s only so much nectar to go around, and finding it won’t be easy. Players will have to scout out the nectar field and pay attention to other players searches to try to deduce the location of the nectar they need for themselves.

Game Genre: Family, Strategy

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-90 minutes


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Contents for Honey Buzz Deluxe:

  • 1 hive board
  • 1 woodland board
  • 40 worker beeples (wood)
  • 4 forage tokens
  • 4 fan tokens
  • 4 player boards
  • 4 player aids
  • 16 starting hive tiles
  • 63 standard hive tiles
  • 24 nectar tiles
  • 60 coins
  • 15 pollen (acrylic)
  • 28 honey (plastic, squishy)
  • 1 first player marker
  • 26 order cards
  • 17 configuration cards
  • 24 queen’s contest cards
  • 10 drone cards
  • 2 drone beepls (wood)
  • Custom box insert for component storage
  • 1 rulebook
  • 4 fuzzy forage beeples (Deluxe content)
  • 4 wooden fan tokens (deluxe content)
  • 24 acrylic nectar riles (Deluxe content)
  • 15 resin pollen tokens (Deluxe content)
  • 1 wooden first player marker (Deluxe content)
  • Full-art box with slip sleeve (Deluxe content)

Contents for Honey Pot Mini-Expansion:

  • 4 Nectar Jar Boards
  • 1 First Player Marker (a honey pot)
  • 6 Queen’s Contest Cards
  • 6 Configuration Cards
  • 2 Order Cards (pollen eaters)
  • 6 Queen’s Contest Cards (solo play)
  • 1 Drone Card (solo play)
  • 2 Drone Dice (solo play)

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