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Iron Forest Bundle (Kickstarter Preorder)


Estimated Release Date: May 2023

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Note: This is the Iron Forest pledge. For more info and Updates on this KS:

Note 2: ”The Emperor” and ”Pawclaw” mini expansions are unlocked add-ons during Kickstarter Update #23, worth S$15. They are compatible with Ice Cool.

Iron Forest is a flicking game for 2-4 players, split into two opposing teams: Animal Clans or Iron Force. Each scenario offers asymmetrical objectives that each side needs to fulfil in order to win.

Scenarios involve players trying to control certain areas of the game board, destroy opposing team mechas, collect certain objects, and much more.

On their turns, players draw cards from their team’s activation deck, then activate the mecha depicted on that card by either flicking it or launching it. Players also have access to a range of different power-up cards that will grant their side unique abilities, turning the tide in their favour!

Game Genre: Dexterity

Players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Game Length: 30

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Inside the Box:

  • Iron Forest Base Game
  • Stretch Goals
    • Power-Up card: Barricade
    • Power-Up card: Proximity Mine
    • Scenario: Misfortune or Favor
    • Scenario: Project Aegis
    • Mini Expansion: 2 x Bombshells
    • Mini Expansion: Solo Mode
    • Free for all game mode for up to 8 players
    • ICECOOL + Iron Forest Mashup scenario
    • Mechaball scenario
    • Mecha special ability cards
    • Free Loot Box mini expansion (Unlocked in Kickstarter Update 23)
  • ”The Emperor” and ”Pawclaw” mini expansions, worth $15 (Unlocked in Kickstarter Update 23)