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Jaws of the Lion Wooden Insert


Jaws of the Lion Wooden Insert can hold all components from the game, except for the mercernary tuck boxes (Replaced by mercenary trays).

Key features include:-

  • 4 stackable mercenary trays to store all your merc cards, attack modifier deck, items, health & exp dial, character sheet and tokens! (Usable with gloomhaven and frosthaven too!)
  • Health tokens, status effects stored in a single tray for easy set-up and access.
  • Event, items, monster attack modifier deck, battle goals all stored in one location.
  • “Map” tray including traps, treasure and coins.
  • Standee tray
  • Stackable Monster strandee trays. Monsters separated for easy set-up (Note Monstrocity, Boss and Stone Golem monster cards need to be placed at another monster slot due to size restriction).
  • All components can be stored into the box with minimal box lid lifting (Due to scenario ring binders).
  • Insert has been designed to hold sleeved cards**

**Please note that for the merc tray, to prevent some lifting of the trays when they are sleeved, some “unused” ability cards and modifier deck card will need to be stored in the larger bay.


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Compatible game(s)

Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion – Cepholofair Games



Additional material required for assembly

Wood glue


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