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Legendary: Paint the Town Red


Spider-Man and his allies make their long-awaited return to the Legendary Universe! Legendary: Paint The Town Red is a Small Box Expansion to the Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game.

5 new Heroes! 2 new Villain groups! 2 new Masterminds! 4 new Schemes!

The game will feature the long awaited appearance of Black Suit Spiderman as well as the evil Mastermind, Carnage. Each Small Box Expansion Set comes with 100 playable cards featuring all original art.

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Out of stock

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Inside the Box:

  • 70 Hero cards
    • 14 Black Cat
    • 14 Moon Knight
    • 14 Scarlet Spider
    • 14 Spider-Woman
    • 14 Symbiote Spider-Man
  • 5 Carnage Mastermind cards
  • 5 Mysterio Mastermind cards
  • 16 Villain cards
    • 8 Maximum Carnage
    • 8 Sinister Six
  • 4 Scheme scenarios: “Invade the Daily Bugle News HQ”, “Splice Humans with Spider DNA”, “The Clone Saga”, and “Weave a Web of Lies”
  • Rules Sheet