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Legendary Villains: A Marvel Deck Building Game


The Legendary universe gets flipped upside down in Legendary: Villains – Marvel Deck Building Game, and you can now play as villains trying to take out the heroes protecting the city!

The goal of the game remains roughly the same as in the first Legendary game as players can work both with and against other players to overcome obstacles that the game throws at them. In this case, however, players use the super villains of the Marvel Universe — including Venom, Magneto and not Thanos — to battle superheroes such as the X-Men, the Avengers and Spider-Friends.

Legendary: Villains – Marvel Deck Building Game is a standalone game that includes all the cards needed to play.


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Out of stock

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Inside the Box: 

  • 4 Commanders – 5 cards each for a total of 20 cards:
  • 15 Allies (Villains) – 14 cards each (1 rare, 3 uncommons, 5 of one common, and 5 of another common) for a total of 210 cards:
  • 7 Adversary Groups – 8 cards each for a total of 56 cards:
  • 4 Backup Adversary Groups – 10 cards each for a total of 40 cards:
  • 40 HYDRA Operatives
  • 20 HYDRA Soldiers
  • 15 Madame HYDRA
  • 42 Bystanders
  • 15 New Recruits
  • 30 Bindings
  • 8 Plots
  • 12 Plot Twists
  • 9 Command Strikes
  • 33 Blanks (each side shows the Legendary logo)

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