Marvel HeroClix: X-Men House of X Play at Home Kit (Preorder)

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Estimated Release Date: December 2020

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Brand new “Play at Home” kits are designed to give everyone a chance to receive a “Rogue” promotional figure to celebrate the X-Men House of X set release.

This version of of Rogue is from the pages of Excalibur when she used the powers of Apocalypse! Perfect for an Excalibur themed team alongside figures from House of X, or just as an exciting twist on one of the classic X-Men! This is a figure that can’t be missed!

This kit also comes with a double-sided map that has each square individually labeled to make it easier to play HeroClix remotely. If both players have the same map from the Play at Home kit, they can have their own set up and follow along while playing.

Play at Home Kit Contents:

  • One (1) Limited Edition Rogue HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • One (1) Double-Sided 24” x 36” Map

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