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MIND MGMT: Secret Missions – Local Delivery (Kickstarter Preorder)


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Working from the shadows, Mind MGMT once used its psychically-powered agents to put a stop to global crises. However, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Mind MGMT is now rotting from the inside. To tighten its iron grip on the world stage, Mind MGMT deploys covert operatives around the world to recruit other psychically-attuned individuals to their side. How can this enigmatic organization, hell bent on global domination, be defeated?

Thankfully, a few renegade agents have figured out that Mind MGMT has been compromised and have defected, turning their backs on the syndicate. They now use their own psychic abilities to prevent Mind MGMT from achieving its nefarious goals.

This game comes with 14 sealed packages. Whoever loses in this ONE vs. MANY game gets to open one of the sealed packages. Inside will be new components, new abilities, and new rules that will help that side in future games. In addition, each package will come with a brand new 8-page mini comic, written and illustrated by Matt Kindt himself. Each comic will provide a story and context to what’s inside that package.

The great news is that none of the content in this game is ever destroyed or permanently changed so you can either play through a campaign with one player always being the Recruiter, or you can mix it up and play a game with any number of the opened packages if someone else wants to be the Recruiter. The back of the rule book will allow you to track multiple campaigns at a time.

Since this is the Deluxe edition, if there are any characters, Mayhem tokens, Step tokens, Recruits or Mind Slip tokens in any of the Shift packages, then they would be wooden as well.

Game Genre: Strategy

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 45-75 minutes

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Out of stock



Inside the Box:

  • Deluxe Edition of MIND MGMT
  • Secret Missions pack of cards